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imageI was born into climbing, with a long family history in the sport. I am an active member of the Swiss national climbing team and my recent victory (2016) at the IFSC World Championships in Paris was one of my proudest moments in my competitive climbing career to date. I am always looking forward to the next competition and I am always striving to achieve more through my passion and work ethic.

I am fascinated by the mixture of power, endurance, flexibility and cleverness you need for climbing. Climbing gives me the pleasure to move and be in harmony with the wall.

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Bouldering World Champion 2016
EU Champion Ice Climbing
Swiss Champion Ice Climbing
Gold Medal IFSC Boulder Worldcup in Hayjang 2015
Overall 4th IFSC Boulder Worldcup 2015
Swiss Champion Bouldering (multiple titles)
Silver Medal Ice Climbing World Cup 2015
Gold Medal Ice Climbing Worldcup in Kirov 2015
Silver Medal Ice Climbing Worldcup in Champagny 2015
Bronze Medal Ice Climbing Worldcup in Rabenstein 2015
3rd Place Adidas Rockstars 2014

Recent Posts

  • Guest in the SRF studio

    Guest in the SRF studio

    I was recently invited as a guest on SRF Sportpanorama. This was a totally new experience for me. Preparing for a live show (including a few days of filming in Magic Wood and at the speed Swiss championships) was something I... read more »
  • World Championships, Paris 2016

    World Championships, Paris 2016

    A few days have passed and I am still pinching myself, hardly believing what I have achieved. I knew that I was in the best shape ever, but being able to combine that with the right mindset in the right... read more »
  • The first world cup of the season in Meiningen

    The first world cup of the season in Meiningen

    It has been an amazing start to the 2016 World Cup season. The first round (in my home country, Switzerland) really was a great experience. I was very nervous and sceptical before the competition in Meiningen started. The last time... read more »
  • Swiss Championships 2016

    Swiss Championships 2016

    Once again I was able to defeat my Swiss Championship title for this year. But it definitely wasn’t easy this time. The boulders where sett pretty challenging. Twice I was out of time and knew, that I had to do... read more »
  • Day out climbing with the snowmobil

    Day out climbing with the snowmobil

    Yesterday was our adventure day of the trip here in Canada. We went up to this awesome cave for some dry tooling, but the adventure already started when we parked the care. So this is how we actually went on... read more »